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Gaining Trust And Recognition Through Quality Commitment

Establish year: 2014

Business Type:  ODM and OEM

Delivery Time: Based on order status, about 2-4 weeks.

Major Markets: North America, Australia, Europe, England,Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea,Middle East. To cater to the increasingly fierce bussiness competition and the demands of the rapid development of high and new technology,The company is in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO9001 the international Management System and ERP Resource Management System.We have full set of certifications of UL,C-UL, GS,CE, PSE, RCM,FCC,TUV,CCC,etc. as customers required. The Company is focusing on offering customers best quality at reasonable price as well as perfect before&after-sales service.With the principle of “Credibility Foundation,Service Innovation,Win-win Cooperation ”,we win high support and trust from customers of global different areas.And we will keep going with the faith of “ Quality derives from details, profession creats brand".

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Technical support/Quality Contorl/Our service
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    Technical support

    We have always taken pride in our flexible manufacturing capability from the committed and experienced R&D team. To keep ahead,the company has been strengthening its R&D capacity by introducing new technology.to further improve product quality and expand the technology to a new level.

    Quality Contorl

    Quality is the root of ZhenYuan electronics. For a long time, We constantly perfect quality inspection system.For each link , to ensure product quality and reliability, we introduce advanced detection equipment as well as conduct incoming inspection ,process control, final inspection, etc., through a third party .

    Our service

    The company holds the spirit of "customer first, integrity-based, win-win cooperation" to ensure customers’ benefits.For every order we guarantee providing customer the follow : good quality, on -time delivery service.For your question, our high-qualified and, experienced  sales team will reply you within 24 hours.  To provide the exact products that meet customers’ need is the starting point and the ultimate goal.

  • Technical support
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Focus on customers, Forge ahead, Focus on industry, Spread value
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    • Add: No.5 Building, Xinhe, Xinxing Industrial park(1st Zone), Fuyong Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

    • Tel:+86-13823557013

    • E-mail: tommy@chinaadapter.com

    • Website: www.lqfnkj.com

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ZhenYuan Electronics
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